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Workshops and events calendar 2010. June 7, 2010

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Weekly sessions:

Tai Chi
Tuesday         11.30am – Ascot Vale Leisure Centre, Epsom Rd Ascot Vale.
Wednesday   1.30pm – Bowes Ave Community Centre, Niddrie.
Friday             9.30am – Bowing Reserve, Strathmore.
Easy exercise
Tuesday         9.15am – Bowing Reserve, Strathmore.
Bollywood Boogie
Wednesday   1130am – Kellaway AveCommunity Centre, Moonee Ponds.
Friday             11.00am – Bowes Ave Community Centre, Niddrie.
Wednesday   6pm   – Yaraville Community Centre.

Upcoming events:

Lancefield day adventure – Monday, July 26, 2010.
Leaving at 9.30am. We will travel to the quiet area of Lancefield to take in nature, practice Tai Chi, experience alternative meditation, breathing exercises and Martial Arts at the WuLin Retreat.Includes Lunch and all teachings. $105.

“Spring into Spring” – September, 2010.
Womens Health and Wellness Seminar Breakfast.

In-Balance Health Module”, Yarraville, Melbourne – October 16, 2010.
A full day of fun and enlightenment. Working on a Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Happy Heart.
$80.Yarraville Community Centre.

“In-Balance Health Module” , Ararat, Victoria – November 6, 2010.
A full day of fun and enlightenment. Working on a Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Happy Heart.
Venue:Ararat West Primary School Hall.

“Meditation Day Retreat” – Monday, November 30, 2010.
A day of enlightenment, peace, beginners meditation and relaxation teachings, at a local Melbourne Buddhist Temple. $40.

More information for these events will follow soon. If you are interested, want more information, or would like to book a place in an event,
Please email lisa on


Wellbeing is once again restored. June 4, 2010

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The weekend was again a big hit. We had the privilege of guest speaker, Rhonda Bonham, presenting Languages of Love and relationships. Perhaps we could be credited for saving a few marriages too.

The wonderful Judy White spoiled each and every guest with a personal colour analysis. So everyone will now be glowing in their signature colours and will never look drab again.

Janet Schwartz and Rebecca Pryor pampered and informed ladies with skin type analysis and facials.

And I once again shaked and jiggled, calmed and meditated, boogied and chimmied, and generally bossed everyone around.

We know you all enjoyed yourself and hope you took home a new energy and a few new thoughts to work on in your own life. Please look after your new little pet and think of us and your mantra when you admire it each day.

View the slide show of photos at:

If you couldn’t make it to this years weekend retreat, all of these workshops are available to you

and your friends anytime. You could arrange your own mini retreat with friends or attend one of the public workshop dates coming up this year.

Look at the ‘Retreats & workshops’ section of this site for ideas and contact me for more information.

We’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave your suggestions, ideas, or comments.


Is It Fair? April 21, 2010

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Is it fair?

Is life fair?

Kids make sure you know about that.

It’s not fair, you’re not fair, and that wasn’t fair!!!

Justice, balance, kids see it.

And, they voice, identify, truly understand it.

Sitting at his office, he told us, if you were to be unlucky to have a cancer, you are lucky to have this one.

This one has a drug just perfect for it.

Knocks out the cancer cells,

You even get to keep your hair!

I sat by him, while the pump purred the miracle drug into his veins.

I drank the instant coffee, as the pot boiled the water, continuously, for all of us, sitting by beds, chairs, waiting for the miracle to happen.

Its years later, the miracle occurred.

Hair is still on him, growing, the bad cells are gone.

He is alive, and kicking.

Others aren’t, died, sadly, described as battles, journeys, and fights. Endless fundraisers, ribbons, badges, there’s always an event organise, or a product endorsed to support.

Did we win? I walk in the ward with him, for his check ups, like the seasons, booked in to check him as the months past.

I never really feel elated, joy, it’s gone.

For, I hear the pumps whirring; I see the pot boiling, the steam flowing from a freshly made instant cup of hope.

They are the others, obeying the instructions of chemotherapy, waiting for the beeps to free them, disband the tubes, get up and walk away.

I imagine, the pumps thrown out by smiling bald headed people. Watching like children at the smashing pieces flying off the pavements below.

I dream of walking on the bits of plastic.

My shoe crunching like an astronauts step on the bald head of the moon.

‘Mamma Maroula’


The”10 Years Younger” Challenge. April 11, 2010

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Have you seen that TV Show?
“10 years younger in 10 days”
Well here’s the Do-it-yourself tips and links to a healthier, happier, glowing you.
You can try new hair styles, cleanse on the inside and out, spruce up your wardrobe  and lots more. I’d like to challenge you to give it a try! Read and try one of the “10 Years Younger” posts each day. Then…write a comment on that post to let us know how you’re going. Share your results.
It’s just a bit of fun…but seriously, every post suggestion actually works. You really could be 10 years younger in every way.
You may have an idea to add to the challenge. I’d love to hear from you.
*Find the right hairstyle.
*Be healthy on the inside.                         * A non- surgical facelift

*A shapely you in 30 minutes a day            *Lose kilos in seconds

*A new hair colour


Bollywood Boogie March 6, 2010

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Ladies around Melbourne and Australia have been enjoying the vibrant, chimmy and shake of Bollywood Dancing. My Bollywood Boogie participants around Melnourne have been shaking up a storm.

Here’s a little taste of this sensational styling from the girls & guys of “So you think you can dance”.

Just click on the pictures to watch the videos.


Tai Chi in the park. March 3, 2010

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December, 2009.

Some devoted Tai Chi students took on the challenge and spent their day in Queens Park, Moonee Ponds. Fine tuning skills, practicing breathing and relaxation, learning a huge amount of the form – “Beijing 24”. It was a hard days work with much reward and laughter. Well done! You deserve a nice hot bath.


February 13, 2010

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8 top things we can do for our skin

1. Cleanse like a pro..

Cleansing is the most important step in your skincare routine. Remember to cleanse the entire face and neck area. Take the time to massage well so that the

cleanser can deliver the results.

2. Avoid the urge to squeeze pimples.

When we squeeze it can rupture the duct that produces oil. This in turn can cause infection and eventually scarring. The Grace Clay Mask works a treat on pimples.

3. Shun the Sugar

Remember everything you put into your body is reflected in your skin. Look after your skin from the inside out and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

4. Go Green

Everything we use on our face and body goes into our system or gets washed down the drain, so natural products make sense.

5. Know your Skin Type

To optimise your results it helps to match your cleanser and moisturiser to your skin.

6. Get the Glow

AHA’s work to subtly smooth the skin and even out irregular pigmentation. We can use our Infiniti Beauty Fluids and the Glycolic and Hydrating Mask to breathe life back into tired looking skin.

7. Scrub Up

A lot of people think they have dry skin when in actual fact what they are experiencing is an accumulation of dead cells. Using a scrub helps to whisk away the dry, dead skin cells.

8. Stress Less

Remember your skin is like a mirror – it reflects everything that’s going on within your body and mind. So try not to sweat the small stuff – you’ll be more likely to reap the rewards of a healthy complexion.