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Wellbeing is once again restored. June 4, 2010

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The weekend was again a big hit. We had the privilege of guest speaker, Rhonda Bonham, presenting Languages of Love and relationships. Perhaps we could be credited for saving a few marriages too.

The wonderful Judy White spoiled each and every guest with a personal colour analysis. So everyone will now be glowing in their signature colours and will never look drab again.

Janet Schwartz and Rebecca Pryor pampered and informed ladies with skin type analysis and facials.

And I once again shaked and jiggled, calmed and meditated, boogied and chimmied, and generally bossed everyone around.

We know you all enjoyed yourself and hope you took home a new energy and a few new thoughts to work on in your own life. Please look after your new little pet and think of us and your mantra when you admire it each day.

View the slide show of photos at:

If you couldn’t make it to this years weekend retreat, all of these workshops are available to you

and your friends anytime. You could arrange your own mini retreat with friends or attend one of the public workshop dates coming up this year.

Look at the ‘Retreats & workshops’ section of this site for ideas and contact me for more information.

We’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave your suggestions, ideas, or comments.


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