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“Stephanie Alexander looks happier” July 23, 2009

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 The picture in the paper was of Stephanie with a casual arm leaning on a tree, outside somewhere peaceful.

Many times I have seen pics of Stephanie, and thought she looks a bit, angry, or pissed off, not a very expressive smile, unlike Maggie from the cook and the chef.

I know that is an unfair expectation to have, that every celebrity cook should have a magnificent smile, but I always wondered about Stephanie.

 Funnily enough,  I love the comment added to today’s photo. “Stephanie says, that she wants to know, why she’s given half her life to people she hates now”.

 I thought, what a freaky thing to say! It really resonated with me. The angst that we may harbor within. Against ex lovers we regret, that one day we agreed to go out on that date with them, or the job that took too much from you.

Stephanie’s statement was brilliant, and maybe not placed on a t-shirt, but maybe on a apron, so while I’m baking, I can happily smear my dirty hands all over it, Stephanie hopefully would approve.


Mama Maroula


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