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What an adventure!! June 21, 2009

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pkt11Holidaying with children is never the quiet, relaxing resort style holiday of single life. So why not make it an adventure the kids will never forget?  

We chose Phuket solely because my long lost step brother lives there, with his Thai family. So it was the perfect opportunity to reconnect and give the children a real, practical Thai experience.

monkeysHere’s the adventure in a nut shell.
The boys had the chance to feed and pat elephents, hold baby monkeys, hold a (BIG) crocodile by the tail, touch a yellow python and boa constrictor, feed elephants again, pat a 1 month old white tiger cub, stand next to a fully grown tiger, ride elephants, hold an iguana (helping the owner/friend to promote ‘photos with the iguana’ to tourists), hold a sea eagle & hug elephants.
Then Tony, my brother took us camping on an uninhabited island. Yep, jungle, beach, spiders, scorpions, tropical fish and hermit crabs. Oh, and gibbon monkeys calling from the jungle behind us. And his wife, Ming ,cooked up a storm of Thai food every lunch and dinner over one gas cooker!! Thankyou Tony, Ming and kids for a great family welcome.
pkt14We did all the tourist things too. And absolutely loved canoeing through the island caves. We had a few hiccups – a trip to the hospital for My Monkey to get stitches in his knee, a trip to the doctors for My Koala’s ear infection, and moans from my Hubby’s back ache. But it wouldn’t be the same adventure if we hadn’t seen the inside of the Phuket hospital or experienced sitting outside a little shop front, waiting & wondering what ‘the doctor’ would be like (he was wonderful).

I learnt a few things about my family too. While out of the usual routine, stress levels were up and down, excitement levels were at a high and personalities were clashing all over the walls of our hut. Mum had to keep it all together, keep the wheels turning. So once again, I learnt a few things about myself . Good things, that I already knew, but needed reminding.
Now, where to next year?