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Sailing away to exotic places May 28, 2009

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I’m taking my kids, packing my bags, (o.k. the hubby can come too), and leaving the financial woes and swine flu scare of Victoria. For 2 weeks anyway. I figure the zero swine flu count of Phuket is safer than living in Melbourne at the moment.

We’re off to Phuket! Adventure!! and happy family memories!!  After the 11 hours of air travel and transfers.

Who knew a holiday would take such precision planning to get underway. Organising passports, paperwork, housesitter, dogsitter, taichi class sitter, vaccinations, what to pack.

I walked out of the chemist yesterday with a plastic bag FULL of medical/firstaid stuff that every good mother should have in the tropics.   Just in case.   

So we’re on our way, to ride elephants, meet monkeys, learn a new language and visit some temples for Yogic inspiration. And I’ll have lots of photos and trinkets to show you when I get back.



PS: I can’t believe you haven’t left a comment about my Mothers Day present (below) yet!!!


2 Responses to “Sailing away to exotic places”

  1. The Samster Says:

    Bye Bye big sister. Have fun, be safe and give Tony a big kiss from me.
    I want an elephant…get me one!
    Oh and one of those great Thai style shirts that we wore everywhere last time we were there.
    Oh and some of those loose fitting thai pants would be good.
    Can you also get me a bottle of SangThip and a sexy tour guide.
    xxLove you.

    • lisa Says:

      Tony was full of big hugs.
      Couldn’t sneek the elephant past customs…his trunk kept poking out of the suitcase.
      Searched through all the markets for our favourite pants and shirt, but they must be a Northern Tailand thing because there was nothing in Phuket. It was all western clothing… boring.
      Sorry, drank the sang tip, and couldn’t sneek the sexy tour guide past customs…..his trunk kept poking out of the suitcase.

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