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A shapely you in 30 minutes a day @ home April 23, 2009

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Curves has reintroduced the circuit training workout which was big for a while in the 90’s. It’s basically 30 minutes of non-stop exercises including weight and aerobic stations. No co-ordination needed, you work at your own pace and ability and you get your firming weight workout at the same time as your cardio-fatburning workout. It has always been my favourite workout for personal fitness because it’s so time effective.

So here’s one you can do at home the only trick is you really need to commit yourself and don’t slack off after 10 minutes.

Before You start:

1. Put on some really good fast music to keep you going

2. Get a clock or timer ready so you can do each station for 30 seconds, as hard as you can!

3. It always help to have a friend join you, My little cheersquad sometimes joins me on the hills at our park a gives me his own list of exercises to add to the workout.


*Warmup – walk around the block -FAST

* Step up and down on a step at home.

* Pushups – on your knees or feet if you can.

* Starjumps (or side steps if you can’t manage jumping)

* Abdominal Curls ( They’re the little situps 1/2 way)

* Really fast walking around your house or yard, or run if you can.

* Shoulder Press -Grab 2 cans from the pantry and raise them straight up and down from your shoulders to the roof.

* Step up and down on the step again

* Lunges – take a big step forward, bend the back knee, bringing the back knee down to the floor and back up (or if you have bad knees, as low as your knee will let you before it starts to hurt) step back together, then do the other leg.

* Squat and jump – Feet apart, squat down as if sitting on a small chair, then push up fast through your legs to jump high and reach for the roof.( They’re hard but worth the effort)

*Tricep Dips – sit on the edge of a chair, hands holding the edge of the seat, take your bottom off the chair, bend your elbows dipping your bottom down toward the floor, then straighten elbows. Keep your bottom off the chair the whole time.

*Repeat the  whole thing for at least 25 minutes.

When you are finished be sure to walk around slowly and do a few stretches to cooldown your body before you sitdown. I’ll add a range of stretches you can follow, next time.


Give it a go. Let me know how you go.


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