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ONE WEEK TO GO April 13, 2009

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Monkey & Koala back to schoolOK. I have spent a day swinging between ‘blissfully happy mother of angels’ and ‘uptight nagging mum of hyper-boys’.
So I’ve come to my own blog, read my own bibs & bobs about motherhood, and (after aglass of wine) have regathered myself. I’m ready for tomorrows assault of the senses – and only 6 days to go -….School Holidays , GOOD. School Holidays – GOOD.


2 Responses to “ONE WEEK TO GO”

  1. maroula Says:

    School Holidays over
    Back in uniform
    They have left our abode
    Back to our to do lists
    Like our waists, overflowing.
    Chin up, we grab both
    We get on with it
    Our empty bins off the kerb
    Chores are quietly,
    Getting done
    So when you pass her
    Pushing the trolley, fast.
    Standing in your queue
    Acknowledge that her clock
    is ticking, to the sound
    of the school timetable
    School holidays are over
    She’s back to the clock
    The School Mum,
    ticking her list
    as you read this.

  2. maroula Says:

    I was reading to the 3 year old a book she chose. She arose triuphantly from the pile on the floor, which were a second ago books neatly stacked on a bookshelf! Dr Seuss “Oh the places you’ll go!”. Ok, here we go for the nite time read, praying she of all 3 years would blissfully fall asleep asap!
    As i read and read and read, I couldn’t believe the treasure of a book, she found in that bookstack! Dr Seuss cleverly masked his picture book, underneath a brilliant world of his wisdom, like that of a person who has lived his life, like a grandfather. His optimism, coupled with his realism, of times that may be sad, just touched my heart unexpectedly, I too came to back to my life as ms three snored loudly, as i closed that special book,..:you’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So….get on your way!’ by Dr Seuss

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