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Strong to the core (that includes your Pelvic Floor) February 19, 2009

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Everyone’s talking about core stability and strong inner core muscles.They are the deep lower abdominals, lower back and pelvic floor muscles which keep everything upright and stable. Pilates & TaiChi do work from the core muscles, but as usual, by the time it gets passed down the line to you (like chinese whispers) the true effectiveness of  core exercises is usually lost. Most people go too fast or don’t focus on the ‘squeeze’ of the muscles.

 So here’s the biggest tip I can give you…. GO SLOW!  The slower the better, and the harder it is.

Here’s a simple, no sweat necessary, breathing exercise for building your deep inner core muscles.

  • You can start by laying on the floor and when you get better at it you can  stand.
  • Place your hands on your lower abdominal area, below your belly button.
  • As you breath in – expand you abdominals like a balloon filling with air.
  • As you breath out – flatten your abdominals, the balloon is deflating.
  •  Try hard to relax your shoulders and ribs. We are trying to keep our ribcage still and move our stomach instead.
  • Start with 10 slow breaths, soon you’ll be doing it in public places and no-one will know. 

By asking your core muscles to work in the opposite action to their usual breathing motion, you are forcing the pelvic floor and lower back muscles to engage and do some work.

Now, you only have to DO IT !


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