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School’s back…and they’re still messing with my head. February 6, 2009

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School’s back in full swing again and so am I.

mud monster

I dropped the kids off to their new class rooms this week and set my self full steam ahead for a week of getting organised and back into a routine. Wednesday – just when I thought I was ontop of things, my youngest angel had a tearful morning outside his class room.


I thought everything was good! But little angel has been fretting in the class room this week and no-one knew.

So now my usual ‘over-analysing Mum’ personality steps in and I spend two days trying to figure out how to ‘FIX HIM’. Should I have done something different last year when he was struggling? He needs more sleep? Who does he play with? Am I terrible mother?

Of course we all know the last part is not true. But it still lingers there.

These kids…. just when I think I’ve got it together they keep reminding me.

You never have control of your day when there are kids involved.

They mess with my head space.

How’s your school week going?         



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